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The College is dedicated to create value in bringing the quintessential of music and arts through the joy and fun in learning and expression of arts in our students to make every moment better for everyone.

Singapore Raffles Music College

SRMC is a tertiary institution registered with the Council for Private Education (CPE).

University Of West London

UWL aims to inspire the students to become innovative professionals, connecting them to exciting careers.


The College has a number of courses in a diverse range of majors.

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Jun 20
想去台湾与著名歌手陶喆 David Tao 近距离学习吗?机会来了! 陶喆将在台湾与您分享他在音乐圈取得成功的经验。 陶喆的制作人朱敬然 Andrew Chu 也将指导您,共同录制属于您自己的专业 Demo。  学习作词、作曲、以及如何录制专业音乐作品。 5天课程,只限14位!立即与我们联系,展开您的音乐之旅!
Oct 28
Singapore Raffles Music College is proud to be part of MusicFest@SGH organised by Sing'theatre Ltd. Kudos to our students, Wang Hao Yu and Lye Kun Lin, for putting up a…
Oct 07
Singapore Raffles Music College Graduation Ceremony 2016! Congratulations to our 2016 SRMC graduates! Our graduates range from our Certificate in Music to our Graduate Diploma in Performance Artist. The prestigious…

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