Pop Faculty

Pop Faculty

SRMC’s Pop Faculty helps you reach your potential and make a mark in the pop music scene, be it as a solo vocalist or part of an ensemble. The faculty not only hones your artistry through dedicated one-to-one training. We also provide you huge opportunities to build your confidence by performing with local and international artistes, getting you ready for the big stage.

Ms Eva Wang Jiying

Head of Pop Faculty

Bachelor of Arts, Central Conservatory of Music, China

Eva Wang is the Secretary-General for the World Artiste Alliance Association, who has helped planned Singapore’s “International Youth Hands Together Arts Festival” as part of the committee.

To date, there are two successful editions of “International Youth Hands Together Arts Festival”, which were well-received by both performing participants and artistes. The event gathered youths from all over the world, including Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and China.

In addition, she is a member of “五乐格格”, a folk music group. They have participated in several public and broadcast performances, including major CCTV programmes.

Ms Bevlyn Khoo

Principal Study Pop Vocal, Pop Ensemble Lecturer

Bachelor in Arts & Social Science, National University of Singapore

Bevlyn Khoo is a talented multi-lingual singer-songwriter. Her ability to sing in English, Mandarin, Japanese and French gains resonance with listeners of various ethnicity beyond the tiny island country.

In 2008, Bevlyn released a 6-track EP album “Lonely Afternoon” which won the ‘Best Independent Album’ award at Singapore Entertainment Awards 2009. The album showcases her versatility by featuring five original songs and a gypsy-jazz arranged cover of French classic ‘La Vie En Rose’.

The album led Bevlyn to be signed to Japanese label S2S in November that year, and she subsequently released “You Are My Angel” (2009), “Bistro Affair” (2010), and “Feel About You” (2011).

Notably, “Bistro Affair” sees Bevlyn as possibly the only Singaporean singer to have released a full album of French jazz chansons , cementing her status as a versatile singer-song writer in the music scene. The popular album charted top 3 (HMV) in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

She has over 14 years of vocal teaching experience under her belt. She is also the founder of music production company The Storyteller Wave, which actively supports budding independent artistes in their careers.

Mr Jordan Wei

Pop Ensemble, Contemporary Piano Lecturer

Master of Arts in Jazz Composition and Performance, Middlesex University (UK)

Mr Jordan Wei is a talented multi-instrumentalist. He has worked with several regional artistes, including Dami Im, David Tao, Wang Lee Hom, JJ Lin, and Jam Hsiao. In addition, he has also composed and arranged for JJ Lin’s Timeline World Tour, The TENG ensemble and The Pipa Quartet.

As an educator, he has taught and conducted many master classes at SIM University, Methodist School of Music, Grace Orchard Special Needs School, and John Faulkner’s Musical Theatre School. With his vast experience across different schools and music genres, he is able to adapt to the individual needs of his students.

Ms Susanna Lau

Principal Study Pop Vocal Lecturer

Bachelor of Arts, National University of Singapore


Susanna, or sometimes known by her stage name ‘Zana’, has established herself in the regional Chinese music industry, sought-after as a professional vocalist and vocal arranger for commercial projects, record albums and live concerts. She was also involved in the backing vocals arrangements for Stefanie Sun’s ‘Kepler’ World Tour Concerts, and more recently Coco Lee’s “Happy” on Chinese TV series “Singer 2017”.

Armed with formal training in classical piano and music theory since her formative years, Susanna is recognized for her versatile vocal performances and arrangements, as well as efficient sight-singing and music transcription, as a professional backing vocal artiste-cum-arranger, also commonly known as background vocalist/arranger or chorus singer/arranger.

On live stages, she has worked with international artistes including Asian heartthrobs Wang Lee Hom and JJ Lin; homegrown icons Kit Chan, Eric Moo, Jimmy Ye, Liang Wen Fu; local songsters including Olivia, A-Do, Jocie Guo and Chen Wei Lian; and other regional big names including Francis Yip (Hong Kong), Adam Cheng (Hong Kong), Chyi Yu (Taiwan), Lee E-Jun (Taiwan), Wan Fang (Taiwan), Aska Yang (Taiwan), Dami Im (Australia) and Nanami Iwamura (Japan). In studio, the exhaustive list of artistes include the likes of Jolin Tsai, Joey Yung, Rainie Yang, Miriam Yeung, Vivian Hsu, Vincy Chan, Janice Vidal, Michael Wong, Jade Kwan, TWINS and Kelly Poon.

Liu Qiao Xi

Pop Singer and Actress

Advanced Diploma in Music (Pop Vocal), Singapore Raffles Music College

Professional Achievements
Music Walk of Fame《星光大道》Week Winner
Starred in TV series and Hong Kong music video for《色即是空》
Performed at events like China Hakka Cultural Arts Festival Prize Presentation
Huiyang Folk Artists Association Deputy Secretary-General

James Huang

Liuzhou James’ Pop Music Studio Music Director

Advanced Diploma in Music (Pop Vocal), Singapore Raffles Music College

Professional Achievements
Founded James Pop Music Studio in Liuzhou
Appeared on China’s popular singing programme “My Best Singer” 《偶滴歌神啊》Season 2 in 2016
Served as an Examiner in the entrance exams of Guangxi Modern Music Academy in 2014

Luo Yuanwen

Zhejiang Music School Pop Vocal Lecturer

Advanced Diploma in Music (Pop Vocal), Singapore Raffles Music College

Professional Achievements
Zhejiang University of Technology Public Arts Centre Director
Pop Music Teacher at Hangzhou Normal University Qianjiang College, Zhejiang Vocational Academy of Art
Associate Director, International Music and Dance Exchange Association
Zhejiang Province Pop Musician Association Member

Dong Yong Peng

Singapore Radio 933FM New Pop Artiste

Advanced Diploma in Music (Pop Vocal), Singapore Raffles Music College

Professional Achievements
Completed self-titled album《董永鹏》 at the age of 18
Collaborated with famed director Kelvin Sng for his music videos 《活该》,《哆啦A梦》 MV
Participated in “Song of China” City Competition in 2013
Singapore Pop Music Radio 933FM New Artiste 2013

Jiu Jian

Pop singer-songwriter, actor, producer
11 October 2017

Jiu Jian is a multi-talented, award-winning singer-songwriter, actor and producer, as well as the recipient of COMPASS Meritorious Award 2013 and Yellow Ribbon Achievement Award. He is also the voting Member of Asian Academy of Music Arts & Sciences (AAMAS) .

For more than three decades, Jiu Jian has helped developed the local Chinese pop music and the arts scene. Most notably, he has performed as the male lead in Singapore’s first Chinese language musical, ‘December Rain’. He has also written for renowned international and regional vocalists such as Hong Kong singers Jacky Cheung, Ronald Cheng, Andy Hsu and Taiwanese singer Cyndi Chaw. He has also written, arranged and sang the theme songs for several MediaCorp TV dramas.

For the past few years, Jiu Jian has committed and contributed to social causes and the humanities both locally and globally, initiating fund raising projects for China Sze Chuan Earthquake and Japanese Tsunami victims through music.

Peter Huang

Singer, songwriter, vocal percussionist, arranger, recording engineer
21 September 2016

Resident VP and co-founder of Singapore vocal rock band, MICappella, Peter Huang Liechuan is a producer, singer, songwriter, vocal percussionist/beatboxer and arranger.

Widely-known as the first runner-up on the Chinese reality TV singing competition, The Sing-Off China, MICappella is a Singapore vocal band with a contagious energy, bringing a professional, passionate and edgy spin to acappella performances.

Sherlyn Chia

Mandopop performer and artist vocal instructor
13 April 2016

Ms Sherlyn Chia has been the album backup vocalist for famed regional artistes, such as Kit Chan 陈洁仪 2004, JJ Lin Jun Jie 林俊杰 2001-2005, and A-Do 阿杜 2002-2003.

She has also been a concert backup vocalist for Taiwanese Artistes, including Julia Peng Jiahui 彭佳慧, Dai Ailing 戴爱玲, Lai Ming Wei 赖铭伟, Zuo Wen Xuan 卓文宣, Freya Lin Fan 林凡, Yu Kewei 郁可为, Xiao Zhong 小钟, Kang Kang 康康, and Jacky Wu 吴宗宪.

Her guests performances include JJ Lin’s 第二天堂 Album Launch (2006), performances at Esplanade with Serene Koong 龔芝怡 and Tay Kewei 郑柯为, Band Se7en Concert Performance with Allan Moo 巫启, and Annabel Soh at DXO Esplanade.

In addition, she conducted Vocal Training for actors on movie soundtracks 精舞门( Jordan Chan 陈小春), Band 功夫派 Debut Album training, and more.

Fan Yi Tang

Singer-song writer, arranger, instrumental player, producer
18 November 2015

E Tang graduated from Central Conservatory of Music, with a distinguished style in a literary musical concept. He learned western classical music at the age of 3, and Chinese traditional music at 9. When he was 11, he joined chamber and electronic band. He started to learn composing at 15.

From classic to vanguard, underground to the National Center, he is keen in various musical genres. He has been invited to join in numerous art festivals for producing, performing, directing and supervising. Breaking through the boundaries of music, he has brought different music elements into arts, such as drama performing and painting. He obtained the gold award of non-traditional group in CCTV National Music Instrument TV Contest in 2012.

His first EP Outstanding was nominated for the Best Arrangement in Chinese Media Music Award, has received positive critics and recommended by medias. He was the singer-songwriter, arranger, instrumental player, and producer for the EP. Released in 2014, it reached top 10 in many main music rankings, and was first for 4 consecutive weeks in Sohu Music.

He was also the songwriter and instrumental player for Impression of Chengdu, which combined Chinese traditional instrument Yangqin and Accordion, a fusion of Sichuan folk tunes and Latin music. It got the Gold Award for non-traditional groups in CCTV National Music Instrument TV Contest.

Other awards he has received include:
2006 Gold Award of Chamber Music Playing in Parrot Cup
2008 Honorable Award of youth group and Bronze Award in traditional group in National Wenhua Art Academy Award
2012 Gold Award of non-traditional group in CCTV National Music Instrument TV Contest
2014 Best Arrangement in Chinese Media Music Award (nomination)

Cao Xuan Bin Shane

Internationally-renowned pop-music personality
11 November 2015

Born in 1980 to a family of musicians, Cao Xuanbin, under the influence of his parents, began his studies in Percussion and Piano. He enrolled into the Xi’an Conservatory High School at the age of 12 after successfully taking part in the entrance examinations, and started performing in pubs at the age of 14. At 18, he enrolled into the percussion faculty of the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, and stayed in the faculty as a lecturer at the age of 22.

In 2004, when he was 24, Cao started his career in Music Production and Management. Many songs from this period written by himself, well-known examples include: Kexi bushi ni (2005, originally sung by Liang Jingru) and Ai, yinwei zai xinzhong (Sung by Wang Li-hom). Well-known studio albums produced by Cao include Buyuan (Released in 2006, Singer: Xiao Yaxuan), Tongshoutongjiao (Released in 2007, Singer: Wen Luan), and Di’er Shunwei (Released in 2008, Singer: Luo Zhixiang).

An internationally-renowned Pop-music Personality, Cao has made regular TV and Radio appearances, and has won numerous accolades, both national and international. We are truly honoured to have him here to conduct a Pop Masterclass.

Christine Sham

Pop piano performer, composer, instructor
23 September 2015

Christine Sham graduated from the prestigious Berklee College of Music with Cum Laude, majoring in Professional Music (Arranging and Performance) in 1996. To date, she has performed playing the keyboards with Chinese artistes, including Gigi Leung, Sally Yeh, Phil Chang, Eric Moo, Francis Yip, Olivia Ong, and most recently toured with F.I.R, Stefanie Sun, David Tao and Taiwanese singer A*mei’s Amei-zing tour (2011-2013), spanning 60 shows.

Her many performances have brought her around the world to the UK, Paris, USA, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. In 2013 and 2015, she also appeared regularly on TV as the band for Mediacorp’s programme, The Final 1.

Born in Sabah and based in Singapore, Christine established a name for herself as a media composer since 1999.  She scored the soundtrack for Eric Khoo’s Be With Me, the opening film for Cannes Film Festival in 2005. She later scored Eric’s debut animation film Tatsumi, which premiered in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival.