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Graduate Diploma In Professional Artist

The Graduate Diploma in Professional Artist is a one year full-time course OR 1.5 years part-time course preparing students for further studies in music with emphasis on practical training and holistic professional musicianship.

This full-time course consisting of 2 semesters is built around the student's Main Study. During the course, students have ample opportunities to accumulate valuable performing experience in ensemble work by opting for Chinese Ensemble, String Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, or Vocal Ensemble as appropriate to their Main Study. In addition, such students will also be given opportunities to lead Ensembles whilst at the College.

Students may also be selected for the External Diploma Examinations of ABRSM/Trinity/Guildhall/LCM at levels appropriate to their performing ability. These Diplomas demand professional standards of performance and musicianship, beyond that of a final year Advanced Diploma in Music recital.


Graduates from ADMus are well positioned to enter and pursue exciting professions and influence the development of Arts and Music industries. The following roles are just some examples of the opportunities that await you.

  • Administrator for Music School
  • Managing Agent for Performers
  • Composer
  • Conductor
  • Concert Manager
  • Music Arranger
  • Music Director
  • Performer
  • Project Coordinator
  • Reviewer
  • Sound Engineer
  • Music Teacher

In addition, GPAD graduates can opt to pursue further studies at the University Of West London, or any other institutes of higher learning around the globe.

What can you expect?

Students can customise their studies by choosing from a wide variety of classes offered in the ADMus course. These classes include core modules (required by all students) and electives.

Course Outcome

Students graduating from the course will receive a Graduate Diploma in Professional Artist from SRMC, and have a performance proficiency equivalent to the London College of Music (LCM)/Trinity Guild Hall/ABRSM Associate Diploma or better in their chosen principal study, and a music theory proficiency equivalent to the London College of Music (LCM)/Trinity Guild Hall/ABRSM Diploma or better.



  • At least 19 years old
  • Advanced Diploma or Foundation Degree or its international academic equivalent
  • Theory - Pass SRMC's Placement Test or other equivalent
  • Practical - Pass Audition
  • Have IELTS score of 5.5 or other equivalent (see below English Language Requirements)


For the audition, the following should be prepared based on your main study instrument.

  • For Instrumentalists 10-12 minute performance consisting of TWO contrasting pieces
  • For Composers Submission of a portfolio of works prior to an interview
  • For Singers 10-12 minute performance of THREE songs

English Requirements

To meet the English Language requirement, any of the following qualifications are acceptable:

  • The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) administered by the British Council, is the test preferred by the College.
  • GCE 'A' Level GP or KI - Grade E or above
  • IB Diploma - Pass TOK (English Medium)
  • SRMC's English Placement Test
  • Other English Language Proficiency Tests (TOEFL etc) will also be considered (on a case-by-case basis)
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Course Structure

Students will undertake the following modules during their course of study.

ONE (1) Year Course

Music Performance Track

Year One

  • Performance Studies 3A
  • Advanced Performance Project
  • Performance Studies 3B
  • Music Management

Music Recording Track

Year One

  • Music Management
  • Showcase Studies
  • Performance Project
  • Music Technology Showcase Project
  • Music for Moving Image
  • Music Education Workshop (Optional)
  • Experimental Sound (Optional)
  • Live Sound Practice (Optional)

Music Management Track

Year One

  • Event Design
  • Music Management Project
  • Strategic Music Management
  • Blast Radio
  • Festival Studies
  • Conference And Exhibition Studies (Optional)
  • Stage Management (Optional)

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Course Fees

SRMC has arranged for protection of course fees paid by the local and International student through the FPS Escrow scheme provided by DBS Bank Singapore.

It is important to note that Course Fees can ONLY be paid to the Singapore Raffles Music STFA (Escrow) Account; (Escrow Account Number: 003-902337-5)


Fee Particulars 1 Year S($)
Tuition Fee 14, 500.00
Non-Tuition Fees  
1. Administrative, Visa & Compliance Fees 1, 750.00
2. Course Assessment & Resources Fees 1, 750.00
Total Course Fee 18, 000.00
Goods & Services Tax 1, 260.00
Total Payable Fee 19, 260.00

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  1. All fees are inclusive of GST (Goods & Services Tax). The current Singapore GST is charged at the rate of 7%.
  2. All fees quoted are subject to other costs arising from government directives.
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Graduation Requirements

The successful graduate must pass the assessment requirements for each module in order to gain modular credits based on the following schedule:

120 Credits


Graduate Diploma In Professional Artist

awarded by the Singapore Raffles Music College.