Wang Jing ( Chinese Music )

Date: 28 October 2015

Time: 19:00 – 20:30

Wang Jing is a committee member of the Singapore Musicians Society, member of the Chinese Nationalities Orchestra Society, orchestra leader of Singapore's Liyuan Ladies Chinese Ensemble, and she also acts as artistic director for various primary and secondary school Chinese orchestras. She has served as orchestra leader in the Tianjin Youth Ethnic Orchestra, and was a soloist in many large-scale performances. She also took part in the recording of music albums such as "Luo Shen", and "Ethnic Music Classics".

She was awarded a first class scholarship, whereupon she graduated from the Tianjin Conservatory of Music with outstanding grades. In 2004, she held her first solo huqinconcert to great acclaim. She studied under the tutelage of renowned teachers like the erhumaster Wang Shuliang, Lin Cong, as well as performers and educators like Ju Wenyu, Zhang Zengliang for gaohu and banhu, which honed her expertise in numerous types ofhuqin. She also studied the "horsehead zither" (matouqin) under Qian Bai Yi La and also received instruction from the Mongolian master of the matouqin and throat singing from Tuva, Batzorg Vaanchig.

She has guided many school orchestras to win both gold and gold with honours awards. Her students also achieved excellent results during exams. She has achieved excell4nce as a performer and as a teacher. She is frequently invited to take part in artistic exchanges in China and other countries. Her performance style is sincere, her interpretations are refined, her technique is excellent, and she has a solid foundation in traditional music.