Charlotte Tomlinson

Charlotte Tomlinson ( Managing Perfomance Nerves )

Date: 23 Mar 2016

Time: 19:00 - 21:00

Charlotte Tomlinson is a post-graduate pianist at the Guildhall school of Music and Drama in London, she had beginnings of tendonitis. She Struggled with it, not quite knowing where to go for help and not fully realizing that there is also an emotional root in what she was dealing with. This led to a fascination in the connections between the mind, body and emotions and she spent over twenty years exploring and taking trainings in different forums of body and mind therapies, testing them out in her teaching.

The combination of all these trainings along with her own understanding of what it means to be a musician and her experience as a professional pianist and teacher for over 25 years has brought about this unusual and unique way of working. She work intuitively, searching out what each individual needs, what it is that gets in the way of that person realizing their full potential as a musician and supporting them in performing to the peak of their ability.