Jim Lim


Jim Lim 林倛玉( Pop Vocal )

Date: 18 May 2016

Time: 19:00 – 20:30

Jim is a Songwriter/Producer/Music Arranger/Singer. Ex member and co-producer of the local pop band 梦飞船,Dreamz FM. Written and produced for many artistes both local and oversea. Artistes he had worked with includes big names like 王力宏,张惠妹,孙燕姿,梁 静茹,林俊杰,范文芳,阿杜,范逸臣,林忆莲,周华健,陳潔儀,房租名 etc. He had lent a helping hand and produced for many new artistes and independant bands in Singapore too, 龚芝怡,石康钧,插班生,just to name a few. 

Examples of the songs he had written will include:

  • ‘我的爱’‘隐形人’ 安宁’by 孙燕姿 
  • 你好不好’‘平常心’‘我要快乐’by 张惠妹 
  • 原罪犯’by 张学友 
  • ‘代替’‘同花顺’By 林棋玉 
  • ‘老朋友’‘我的家’ by 蔡淳佳 
  • 爱情路’by 周华健  
  • ‘心灵相通’ by 许志安 
  • ‘无声的情歌’ by 齐秦,辛晓琪

Written and produced for many Mediacorp drama series theme songs both Channel 5 and Channel 8 eg.笑傲江湖,东游记,My Sassy Neighbour, Sayang Sayang,我们的饭店,大 酒店,真相,未来不是梦不凡的爱,對對碰,小子當家,动荡的年代 etc. 

Scored for many TV commercials, eg, 天亮鲍鱼, Similac, Modern Beauty, Citispa, Swissotel Anthem, Jean Yip, Pediasure, ESSO etc.