Our 10-day workshop in Singapore Raffles Production Suite has officially come to a close. These participants got closer to their music production dreams with the unique session, jointly organised by Singapore Raffles Music College and Germany’s United POP.

Listen to what they have to say.


Date and Time
3 – 14 September 2018 (Monday – Friday)

Singapore Raffles Production Suite (Singapore Raffles Music College)
456 Alexandra Road, Fragrance Empire Building #09-02, Singapore 119962

Standard Rates: S$550
Special Offer for Students and SRMC Alumni: S$250

Registration closes 27 Aug. Limited to 20 participants.

Date Programme
3 Sep (Mon)
  • Workstation, Signal Flow and Protools
  • EQ & Compressors
4 Sep (Tues)
  • Recording the Demo Part 1 (Rhythm section)
  • Editing the Demo
5 Sep (Wed)
  • Recording the Demo Part 2
  • Applying DAW EQ and Compressors
  • Bouncing out the file
  • Using KOMPLETE 11
6 Sep (Thu)
  • Basic SSL functions and routing for recording
  • Drums and mic set-up
  • Recording real drums
7 Sep (Fri)
  • Recording bass and guitars
10 Sep (Mon)
  • Mics and tonality, vocal recording
11 Sep (Tue)
  • Recording backing vocals
12 Sep (Wed)
  • Editing – Fades, Melodyne, Instrument Panning and Placement
  • Sampling
  • Adding synthesized layers
13 Sep (Thu)
  • Mixing Part 1 (Balancing & Panorama, EQ)
14 Sep (Fri)
  • Mixing Part 2 (Dimension Dynamics, Automation)
  • Basic Mastering
About the Organisers

About SRMC

Singapore’s only tertiary institution with a full focus on music and dance

Since 2001, Singapore Raffles Music College (SRMC) has been one of Singapore’s leading schools for higher learning in music and dance, registered with the Committee for Private Education (CPE). It is the only music and dance-focused education institution that has been awarded the 4-Year EduTrust Certification Award by CPE.

Steeped in the tradition of excellence, SRMC possesses not only comprehensive curricula, excellent infrastructure, innovative teaching methods but also a team of highly qualified, dedicated and professional academic team.

In 2010, SRMC partnered London College of Music, University of West London (UWL) – one of the most prestigious tertiary institutions in the UK – to offer accredited music and dance degree programmes. SRMC takes pride in being the first private tertiary institution outside of the UK to offer these programmes.

About United POP

30 years of experience in the field of creative education, music production, and media publishing

United POP is the international education department of Deutsche POP and part of the music support group, which includes several sub-branches like the Dorian Gray Studios, one of Europe’s leading recording facilities (e.g. Alanis Morissette, Joe Cocker, Marit Larsen, Lang Lang, Wong Kar-Wai, Big Sean) or the publishing company Sonic Media with its monthly print magazines “Pictures” and “Professional Audio”. The experience of more than 30 years of music & media production form the basis of the modern training courses and made United POP / Deutsche POP one of the leading and most innovative education partners with campuses all over Europe and Australia. Due to high-quality education closely linked to practical experience & an expanding network of worldwide education partners, students qualify in the international creative industries.

How do I register?

Thank you for your interest in the workshop. Registration is now closed. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for our latest workshops and events.

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