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Graduate Diploma in Performance Artist (Dance) (Mandarin)

The Graduate Diploma in Performance Artist (Dance) (Mandarin) is a one year full-time (or 1.5 years part-time) course that is fully conducted in Mandarin. This course promotes general all-round development for students with prior tertiary education in dance or work experience as practitioners in the field.

The course will offer the mainstays of every dance genre, such as Ballet, Folk, Musical Theatre, Street Dance, Modern Dance, Classical Dance, Choreography and Dance Pedagogy, allowing further refinement of dance technique. In addition, students enhance their employability by gaining skills such as music theory, English, new media skills, photography, videography, drama, movement studies, make-up and pop vocals.

  • Caters to dance industry practitioners
  • Conducted in Mandarin
  • Intakes: March, September
Course Outcome
Graduates will receive a Graduate Diploma in Performance Artist (Dance) (Mandarin) conferred by SRMC, and may pursue further studies or careers in the professional dance industry.
Admission Requirements
  • At least 18 years old
  • Degree or Diploma* with at least 1 year of relevant industrial experience OR extensive industrial experience with the ability to demonstrate relevant practical portfolio and participation in dance projects and/or performances (in audition or video format) – considered on a case-by-case basis
  • Pass SRMC’s Audition
  • Meet Chinese Language Requirements

* Diploma being Local Poly Diploma and 2 years relevant industrial experience; OR Advanced Diploma or equivalent (Diploma from China domestic formal university or college; OR Advanced Diploma from PEI or overseas university or college)


  • Three contrasting dance numbers

Chinese Language Requirements

  • Middle School Certification in Chinese (Completed middle school in Chinese-speaking countries), or
  • GCE ‘O’ Level Chinese Language – Grade C or above.
Course Structure

Students will undertake the following modules during their course of study.
ONE (1) Year Course

Year One

  • Ballet
  • Modern Dance
  • Dance History and Theory
  • Theory and Practice of Choreography
  • Folk and Ethnic Dance
  • Classical Dance
  • Musical Theatre
  • Drama and Theatre
  • Music Theory
  • Movement and Posture Studies
  • Camera Presentation Skills
  • Pop Vocals
  • New Media Skills
  • Dance Pedagogy
  • Business English
  • Make-up
  • Street Dance
Course Fees
Fee Particulars 1 Year S($)
Tuition Fee 22, 668.23
Non-Tuition Fees
1. Administrative, Visa & Compliance Fees 1, 750.00
2. Course Assessment & Resources Fees 1, 750.00
Total Course Fee 26, 168.23
Goods & Services Tax 1, 831.77
Total Payable Fee 28, 000.00

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Graduation Requirements

Students must gain 44 modular credits to graduate, by passing the assessment requirements for each module.


Graduate Diploma In Performance Artist (Dance) (Mandarin)
awarded by the Singapore Raffles Music College.

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