COVID-19 Guidance

Precautionary measures taken in SRMC

Students attending lessons will be required to have their temperature taken at the Level 9 reception area before attending classes. Students who did not have their temperature taken will not be allowed to enter the classrooms.

Cleaning routines and hygiene measures will be enhanced. Classrooms will be sanitized once after every lesson and common areas will be cleaned at least thrice daily.

Students are also advised to observe good hygiene practices, such as washing their hands regularly with soap and water and also avoid touching their face with their hands.

Social distancing guidelines will also be implemented to reduce contact between students. Compulsory gaps between seats will be in place to ensure students are 1 meter apart from each other.

Procedures for returning students before travelling to Singapore

All students and/or their legal guardians are to sign the Pre-Arrival Notification Letter and send it to SRMC-SS WeChat account before flying to Singapore. Students are not allowed to travel back to Singapore without the signed Pre-Arrival Notification Letter.

The Pre-Arrival Notification Letter will be addressed to the specific student. Thus, the Pre-Arrival Notification Letter will only be sent to the student after the student has submitted his/her Travel Declaration Form.

Students are to state clearly in the Pre-Arrival Notification Letter their student details, residence (full address) and contact information of where they will serve their SHN upon entry into Singapore.

Students who are unable to find accommodation in Singapore are to notify the Student Services via the SRMC-SS WeChat account immediately.

All students are to send a photo of their flight ticket to the Student Services via the SRMC-SS WeChat account, once they have received confirmation regarding their flight details. Students are to ensure that the information provided in the Travel Declaration Form matches the flight details given.

Procedures for students on SHN after arriving in Singapore

Upon arrival in Singapore, all students are to contact the SRMC-SS WeChat account within 12 hours to inform SRMC of their arrival in Singapore. These students will also have to confirm once again their contact number in Singapore, as well as the full address of the residence in Singapore where they will be serving their SHN.

Students on SHN are to have their temperature taken daily and are to report their temperature to the SRMC-SS WeChat Account every day.

As students are not allowed to leave their premises during the period of SHN, meals have to be settled via delivery.

Students on SHN are not allowed to leave their place of residence during the 14-day period, starting from the day of return. The period of SHN will be stated clearing in the Pre-Arrival Notification Form. NON-COMPLIANCE WITH THE SHN MAY RESULT IN DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS AND CAN LEAD TO THE CANCELLATION OF STUDENT PASS.