Singapore Raffles Music College.

Record. Mix. Produce Workshop (Hans-Martin Buff)

Singapore Raffles Music College.
06 Sep 2018

We had an amazing time at the 10 days production workshop called ‘Record. Mix. Produce.’ with International producer, Hans-Martin Buff, alongside Singapore Raffles Music College’s very own audio engineer Nic Lee, and lecturer Eric Wong, who all shared their real-world music production experiences with us.

Hans-Martin Buff is no stranger in the Hollywood industry, he was the personal audio engineer for Prince from 1996 to 2000, and has also worked with the Scorpions and No Doubt as well. It was such an honour.



Through the workshop, we discovered the dynamics of making a mix and comprehended the basics around the role of a mixing engineer. This entry-level workshop didn’t require any specific prior knowledge and taught us some simple editing tricks.



A big thank you to the three lecturers, guest musicians, and all attendees for participating actively, and we look forward to more collaboration opportunities with United POP!