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5 Simple Ways to Get More Online Exposure as a Musician

Singapore Raffles Music College.
04 Mar 2021

Written by: SRMC

So you’ve made a banger that you think would achieve mainstream success. You post your song up online and wait patiently for your big break. Three months later, you agonise over how only a small handful have listened to your music.

Sounds familiar? Well, then it’s time to change things up! Here are 5 simple steps for all you musicians out there to get online exposure and create traction for your music career:

Make sure that your music is everywhere

(photo creds: Ivan Samkov via Pexels)

Sometimes, it’s more than just creating a great song – it’s also about marketing it right. Make sure that your music is widely accessible on all streaming websites, be it Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, YouTube, and more. The more accessible your music is, the more exposure you can get to the masses.

Establish your social media presence

(photo creds: Tracy Le Blanc via Pexels)

Sure it may be cool to be obscure and off the grid. However, if exposure is what you’re looking for, then having a social media presence plays a very crucial part.

Establish your social media presence by posting regularly on your social media channels to let followers know what you’re up to. Don’t forget to engage with your followers by liking or replying to their comments too!

Let your personality shine

(photo cred: Artem Podrez via Pexels)

Out of all the musicians in the world, what separates your favourite from the rest? On top of being musically talented, chances are that your favourite musician has a stunning personality too.

Put yourself out there and create content that puts your amazing personality in the limelight. This could be in the form of a dance on TikTok, a live Q&A session, or whatever best suits you.

Most importantly, be yourself and have fun!

Perform Live on Facebook or Instagram

(photo creds: Ron Lach via Pexels)

With the rising trend in live streams, be sure to jump on that bandwagon and see where that might take you. Performing live not only allows you to showcase your skills and talent but also lets you engage with your followers on a more intimate level. Be sure to create banter with those tuning into your live stream and take in song requests if you’re confident enough to do so!

Collaborate with other musicians

(photo cred: Yente Van Eynde via Pexels)

Last but not least, it’s always a good idea to collaborate with other talented musicians. This serves to create new content for your followers and also helps you to tap into the other musician’s fanbase.

So there you have it – the 5 simple ways to gain more online exposure as a musician!

While these steps may not be able to help you see instant results, patience is key. Remember to follow these steps consistently and you’ll surely see an improvement in your online presence.

Good luck!