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5 Types of Income Streams For Musicians in Singapore

Singapore Raffles Music College.
28 Apr 2021

Written by: SRMC

For those who love music, making music can be one of the most fulfilling ways to make a living. In Singapore, many locals with musical backgrounds have set out to make music their full-time day jobs. With the increasing government support in the local music industry, going full-time into music is becoming more achievable than it was just a few years ago.

However, there is also another segment of musicians in Singapore who choose to work in other fields, keeping music as a hobby instead of a day job.

If you are one of such people, there are many ways that you can turn music into new income streams. Here are five of them:

Teach Music Classes

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If you already have a full-time job, you can choose to teach music classes after working hours or on weekends. If you already have some form of certification for music, you can earn some income by imparting your knowledge and skills to another budding musician.

However, it is still possible to teach music classes even as a self-taught musician. All you have to do is make sure your portfolio is tidied up and carefully created and work on your fundamentals too. One common issue with self-taught musicians is the lack of structure; it has its pluses and its minuses, but most students are looking to learn the fundamentals in a structured way when they look for a teacher.

To start, list your music teaching services on online platforms such as Carousell and Facebook to reach out to potential students. Don’t forget to collect reviews from your students along the way to boost your credibility and gain even more students!

Busk on the streets

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Does performing bring you joy? If so, applying as a busker in Singapore may just be the best way for you to share your talents while earning some side income.

If you are an aspiring busker, you will need to have a licence to perform in Singapore by undergoing an audition with the National Arts Council (NAC). Find out more about the process of getting your busking license here!

Perform live at weddings and events

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Performing at weddings and other events in Singapore can be pretty lucrative for musicians in Singapore.

No idea where to start? Well, having connections that can help you land a gig at performing at weddings and events wouldn’t hurt. However, if you don’t, you can also join one of the many live band providers in Singapore that can help you land you your first gig and more.

Perform live at bars and restaurants

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Performing covers at bars can earn you a decent amount as a side gig in Singapore while gaining exposure within the live music scene. Make sure that you are armed with a robust music library of different genres that you can perform to so that you can take in song requests from the audience.

To land your first gig at a bar or restaurant, you first have to show that you have the experience and knack for it. You can gain experience by first participating in jams and open mic sessions that can also help you get spotted.

Do session work

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Depending on how well you work with others and how musically proficient you are, doing session work is another great income stream.

To find a side gig as a session musician, work through your contacts such as fellow musicians who are getting ready to record that might be able to use an extra hand. You can also check out music studios for jobs recording advertising jingles, songs for local access TV shows, and even albums for local bands.

And there you have it! The number of income streams and opportunities that music can bring goes far and wide. As long as you put yourself out there, you should be able to find a side gig in music in no time!

Good luck!