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Chinese Dance Fiesta 2021 FB Live

Singapore Raffles Music College.
27 May 2021

How similar do you think the Korean ethnic dance is to the Chinese ethnic Folk Dance?

Catch Ms. Shao Ziwen, Senior Lecturer of Singapore Raffles Music College, at the Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre Facebook Live to learn more about the ways Korean and Chinese Folk Dance are similar, in the ‘Talk and Demonstration’ session.

As part of Chinese Dance Fiesta 2021, the talk and demonstration session will happen on 30th May, from 5.30 PM to 6 PM.

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Speaker’s Profile

Ms. Shao Ziwen


Master’s Degree in Choreography, Minzu University of China

Bachelor’s Degree in Dance Education, Minzu University of China


Ms Shao Zi Wen studies mainly Chinese folk dance and classical dance. She also has experience in learning contemporary dance, ballet, and choreography.

Ms Shao did four years of full-time study at the Guangdong Dance Academy and seven years of full-time study at the Central University for Nationalities Dance Academy.

Ms Shao’s industry experiences are mostly in Singapore. She is currently a lecturer in the Singapore Raffles Music College Dance Academy.