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8 Simple Tips to to Boost Your Career in Music or Dance on TikTok in Singapore 2021

Singapore Raffles Music College.
14 Sep 2021

Written by: SRMC

So after months of lurking on the TikTok, you’ve decided that you finally want to showcase your talents on the app and hopefully get onto the For You Page (FYP), which is the first page you land on when you open the TikTok app.

But where do you begin?

Here are 8 simple tips to follow that will land you on different people’s FYP in no time!


1. Post TikToks Daily

When it comes to TikTok, there’s no such thing as posting too much! Unlike platforms such as Facebook and Instagram that bury your content when you post too frequently, TikTok’s algorithm rewards those who post regularly. In fact, the more you post, the more TikTok sends your content to different people’s FYP pages. 

The recommended number of TikToks to post each day is three. However, if that sounds too crazy for your busy schedule to accommodate, a good minimum is to post at least one TikTok a day. 


2. Find Your Niche and Work On It

Finding a niche is just like creating a brand for yourself. How do you want to be known to others? Do you want to be known for your singing abilities or maybe your dance moves?  Either way, it’s good to keep working on your niche so that your target audience can relate to you and have a higher chance of following you for your content. 

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3. Share Your TikToks On Your Other Social Media Channels

If you’ve just started posting on TikTok, the easiest way to get a quick follower boost is by bringing your existing followers on your other channels over to your TikTok account!

Download your TikTok when you post them. This way, your TikTok username will be displayed on the video. Pretty neat, huh?


4. Use Popular And Trending Hashtags

The use of popular and trending hashtags helps your content reach out to a whole new audience that may or may not have discovered you. 

For example, if you are trying out a new viral challenge, make sure to include the hashtag of the challenge. This way, anyone that clicks on the hashtag will be able to see your video too, which in turn increases your chances of getting views.


5. Record Your TikTok With Trending Audio Tracks

Adding audio tracks to your TikTok is an essential step to getting more views. You can use audio tracks under the “Trending” section in a bid to reach out to the masses, or you can also use audio tracks that can best reach out to your target audience. 

It turns out that adding a popular song to a TikTok can be the primary reason for it to go viral. So it’s recommended that you add trending audio tracks to your TikTok whenever you can. 


6. Create An Original Audio Track

So you’ve been using trending audio tracks a lot and think that it’s about time that you create your own – what a great idea! Creating your original audio track not only helps you gain recognition if it goes viral, it also allows you to put your creativity to good use. It may take a few tries before you can get your original audio track to go viral, but it’s definitely worth it. 

It’s always recommended that you do research on popular audio tracks to gain some inspiration when creating yours. 


7. Recreate Trending TikToks

Saw a popular TikTok trend on your FYP and had the urge to share it with your friends? Well, instead of clicking the share button, try recreating the TikTok and posting it on your page instead. 

By using the same formula behind successful and trending TikToks, it will give you a higher chance of getting recognised and going viral.

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8. Comment On Other TikToks Early

Last but not least, just like every other social media platform, engagement is key. Make sure not only to reply to comments on your TikTok, but also to comment on other TikToks. The earlier you comment, the better. Being the top comment on FYP TikToks an underrated way to grow as it may get many other users to click on your comment and view your content too. 

Many brands and influencers on TikToks also like using their best comments to inspire new content. In such cases, they may feature your comment on their content, which allows for even more room for recognition. 

There are many more tips to get more followers and videos on TikTok. However, many of the most popular videos on TikTok result from luck or a stroke of inspiration, and that alone speaks for itself. So don’t forget to have fun on the app and not be afraid to show off your talents and personality!