Singapore Raffles Music College.

Introducing Raffles Talent Academy – our new Youth Initiative

Singapore Raffles Music College.
15 Sep 2021

Introducing our new youth initiative – Raffles Talent Academy at SRMC 🙌

Raffles Talent Academy specialises in providing quality courses of various Art genres, which are relevant to the demands of the international Arts scene. This includes Western music (Piano, Violin, Guitar, Drums, Vocals), Eastern music (Gu Zheng, Yang Qin, Er Hu), Dance (Ballet, Hip-Hop) and Drama (Musical Theatre, Speech & Drama). ➡️ No background of any of the mentioned required, and ages as young as 7 years old will be able to participate!

Raffles Talent Academy strives to mould talents through holistic and interactive learning, which focuses on Skills Development, Aesthetic Shaping and Character Building. They also aim to produce artists that will contribute actively to the international Arts scene, assuming key leadership roles, showing competence in their expertise and displaying a keen awareness towards evolving trends in the industry.

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