Singapore Raffles Music College.

Master Series: Dr. Samuel Wong from the TENG Ensemble

25 Apr 2022

Hurry and sign up for this would be one master series class you DO NOT wish to miss!

This series carried out by the renowned Dr Samuel Wong talks about the TENG ensemble and how they have managed to thrive even under the pandemic’s influence!

More about Dr Samuel Wong:

Dr Samuel Wong is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of The TENG Company, a not-for-profit Major Grant Arts Company in Singapore. TENG is one of the largest traditional arts companies in Singapore. He spearheads the company’s Performance, Academy and Research Divisions and re-invents the possibilities of Chinese music by fusing tradition, innovation and a unique Singaporean identity.

He was awarded The Outstanding Young Persons of Singapore Award (2009), The Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry Singapore Foundation’s Culture Award (2009) and Singapore Institute of Management’s Teaching Excellence Award (2012) for his work in Music and Education.

In his youth, Samuel was described by the Singapore Business Times as “one of the best Pipa players in Singapore” and was a two-time Pipa Champion at Singapore’s National Chinese Music Competition (2000, 2002). He has performed internationally and was a featured soloist in Singapore’s National Day Parade (2009), Youth Olympic Games (2010) and the Shanghai World Expo (2010).