Singapore Raffles Music College.

SRMC Corporate Membership

Want to expand your network, business opportunities and support system? Sign-up as our SRMC Corporate member. You’re not only getting support from others but will also become part of their support network too.

As a Corporate member of SRMC, you are in one of the most effective and closely linked networks in the performance arts industry.

Take advantage of it and enjoy the following perks:


  • No Membership Fee
  • Explore New Business Opportunities
    • Get to explore new business opportunities, expand network, and build upon each other’s strengths and resources to grow together with Singapore Raffles Music College as partners.
  • Recruitment of SRMC Graduates
    • You can get access to recruit SRMC graduates to your orgranisation.
  • Members’ Rate for Masterclasses
    • Your staff and clients enjoy free or discounted Members’ Rate to attend SRMC’s Masterclasses.
  • Members’ Rate for SRMC Courses
    • Your staff will enjoy discounted Members’ Rate when they take up SRMC’s Music or Dance courses.
  • Members’ Rate for SRMC and ACE99’s Events
    • Your staff and/or students will enjoy free or discounted Members’ Rate to attend SRMC’s and ACE99’s music festivals and other events.
  • Referral Rewards
    • Enjoy exciting referral rewards when you refer your employees/clients to take up our academic courses.
  • Members’ Rental Rates
    • Get to enjoy discounted rates for rental of SRMC’s facilities.
  • Corporate Membership Listing
    • Get a Corporate Membership Listing with logo on SRMC’s website.
  • Collaboration Opportunities with SRMC
    • Opportunities to collaborate with SRMC’s Events, Marketing, and Production Suite Team.

*Terms & Conditions apply


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