Singapore Raffles Music College.


  1. Under the rules and regulations of the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA), all International Students are required to apply for a Student’s Pass if he/she wishes to study full-time in Singapore.  

  2. Students are required to complete all items in ICA Forms 16 & V36 and submit them to Singapore Raffles Music College for onward submission to ICA through the Student’s Pass On-Line Application and Registration system (SOLAR+System).

Processing Time

  1. ICA will take approximately 4-6 weeks to process each STP application.
  2. ICA reserves the right to reject any application, if any falsification is found.


  1. Upon your arrival in Singapore, Singapore Raffles Music College will make arrangements to collect your Student’s Pass from ICA. The collection for Student’s Pass strictly by e-appointment only.
  2. International students are required to furnish the following documents for the collection of their Student’s Pass:
    • ICA In-Principal Approval Letter
    • Original Passport/Travel document with a valid visit pass and a copy of the personal particulars page
    • Passport size photograph with white background
    • Duly completed Medical Report and original copy of the laboratory report (if applicable)
    • Original Birth Certificate (if applicable)
    • Original Educational Qualifications (if applicable)
    • Print-out of Student’s Pass Application e-Forms (e-Form 16, V36A and V36, where applicable). The print-out must be duly signed by the applicant.
    • A duly completed Security Bond and Security Deposit (furnished by the applicant; the deposit amount is based on nationality under immigration regulations); which will be forfeited if any of the conditions stated in the Security Bond is breached, in the form of a Banker’s Guarantee from any bank in Singapore.
  3. Prior to the collection of the Student’s Pass, the applicant has to acknowledge a copy of the Terms & Conditions of Student’s Pass (STP). The applicant is advised to print and read the Terms and Conditions before calling the ICA office for the completion of formality.
  4. Prior to the completion of formality, the applicant is required to pay an SGD30 Multiple-Entry Visa Fee (if any) and an SGD60 Issuance Fee, a total of SGD90 directly to ICA.

Replacement Of Lost Pass

Student’s Pass holders who have lost their STP card and Disembarkation / Embarkation card are required to apply for a replacement in person within 7 days from the date of loss. A statutory declaration or a police report is required.

  1. Documents Required
    • Valid travel document and a recent photograph.
    • A letter from the school stating that the applicant is currently a registered student.
    • A statutory declaration signed by the holder or a police report. (Original copy)
    • Applicant has to acknowledge on the copy of the Term & Conditions of Issue for Student’s Pass (LTP) card.
  2. Procedures
    • Student’s Pass Holder applying for the replacement card should proceed to the self-service ticketing counter located beside counter 11, 4th floor of the ICA Building to obtain a Miscellaneous Service queue ticket.
  3. Replacement Fees (to be paid to ICA directly)
    • First Loss – $100
    • Second & Subsequent Losses – $300
  4. Collection
    • Strictly by e-appointment only.


  1. SRMC will assist the International Students in the cancellation of the Student’s Pass via e-cancellation.
  2. To cancel the Student Pass, International Students are required to return their Student Pass to ICA WITHIN 7 CALENDAR DAYS from the date of cessation or termination of their studies.

Change Of Local Address

  1. Students are required to report any changes to his/her address in Singapore within 14 days of such changes.
  2. International students are required to inform the institute on the change of his/her local address. SRMC will submit his/her request via e-update of address.

Important Information

  • Students with Student’s Passes are not allowed to engage in any employment activities, whether paid or not paid. STUDENTS WILL BE DISMISSED IF CAUGHT WORKING ILLEGALLY BY THE AUTHORITIES.
  • The authority for the approval of your Student’s Pass is the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA), Singapore. SRMC WILL NOT GUARANTEE THE APPROVAL OF ANY STUDENT’S PASS.