Singapore Raffles Music College.

Career Prospects by Specialisations

There are diverse opportunities for people who want a career in the music and dance industry, and most of these will require different skills. As a music graduate, you can choose to work in a range of professions inside and outside music. These opportunities can involve one or many disciplines. The more versatile you are, the more opportunities you will have in the industry.

Music performers, music teachers, studio sound engineers and music producers are some of the well-known choices when it comes to careers in music and dance. Paying attention to ever-changing opportunities created by technology could be worthwhile. New avenues for consuming music, innovative products, new teaching methods, and expanding uses of music as a therapeutic tool all translate to new career options in a rapidly changing world of music.

There are far more options for what you can do in the industry than you probably realize. We’ve listed several of the careers opportunities to give you a better sense of what people are really up to in the performing arts.