Singapore Raffles Music College.

Student Union

Connection, Communication, and Community;

These are the principles guiding the SRMC Student Union as we strive to instill a sense of belonging among the student body.

With the core commitment of being the voice of students, we are steadfast in our goal of raising and addressing student concerns and bringing our ideas to life. As student leaders, we value this opportunity to make a difference in the student experience by improving students’ welfare and enhancing campus life. We seek to provide a collaborative space for all students to nurture their creativity by working closely with college staff to organise events throughout the year.

We welcome you to join us as we go on this journey of self-discovery and experiential learning.

Student Union
Singapore Raffles Music College.

Student Union Members

Committee Members 2023
President Hellen Angelica Kho
Vice President Srijan Mookherjee
Secretary Laetisia Maharani Sembiring
Treasurer Thai Khai Xian
Auditor Paula Ortega y Bernal


Course Representatives 2023
CMUS, DMUS Jeremiah Sung, Du Zhengran
ADMUS Zhang Muyue, Li Ming, Renee Lim
BMUS Fu Jingyuan
MMUS Srijan Mookherjee


Public Relations Officer Srijan Mookherjee
Singapore Raffles Music College.

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