Singapore Raffles Music College.

SRMC Important Notice


SAFE Re-opening

SRMC has progressed to the next phase of our calibrated resumption of more classroom lessons (for both practical and theory lessons).

Entry and Exit from Campus

It is mandatory for all students and visitors to check in and out of campus using the SafeEntry app. Temperature checks will be conducted for all entries to campus. Anyone with acute respiratory infection-like (ARI) or flu-like symptoms will not be allowed entry.

Only selected entrances at the campus will be accessible to enter and exit the campus.

While on campus, all students/visitors are required to abide to the following requirements:

  • Wear masks at all times.
  • Avoid socialising with others within and outside the campus.
  • Maintain safe distancing of at least one metre at all times.
  • Where it is not practical to apply one metre safe distancing between individuals, you are not allowed to form groups of more than five people and no mixing between groups.
  • Practise good personal hygiene at all times.

Students on Stay-Home-Notice (SHN)

The college will provide support in these areas.

  • Online learning
  • Food and daily necessities where required
  • Counselling sessions
  • Medical attention where required


Procedures for before returning to Singapore

Please take note that all Student Pass Holders should not try to enter the country before your entry approval is issued. If you arrive in Singapore without the necessary approval letters, you will not be able to clear immigration, and you will be required to fly out of Singapore within 48 hours at your own cost.

#1 – Select Log in with Email Address.

For travellers who are immediate family members or relatives of Singapore Citizens (SC) or Singapore Permanent Residents (PR), the sponsoring SC/PR should submit the travellers’ entry application by selecting “Log in with SingPass” instead.

#2 – Enter your name and email address. (Please take note that only name entries containing the basic Latin characters (A to Z and a to z) are accepted.

This will be the email address that the entry approval letter(s) will be sent to.

A One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to this email address. Please insert the OTP received when prompted.

#3 – Click on “Apply for Student’s Pass Holder Lane”.

#4 – Fill in your details as below

1)Enter your Mobile Number, including the country code. If you do not have a Singapore mobile number, please enter your foreign mobile number.

2)If you have an immediate family member or relative of a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident Please select “Yes”.

3)Please select “Yes” if the STP holder is aged 12 and under, and traveling with a Work Pass Holder. (Do take note that Work Pass Holder cannot apply for entry under the Student’s Pass Lane)

4)Select “No” if the STP holder is traveling alone. (Only travelers who are from the same family unit/ related by guardianship, and share the same travel history, should submit their applications together.)

5)Please indicate the number of travelers who are holding valid Student’s Passes or Student’s Pass In-Principle Approval.

6)Select the number of accompanying family members/ guardians. (Please ensure that they should not be holding Student’s Passes or MOM-issued passes.)

#5 – Select the Immigration Pass Type that the traveller is holding.

#5A – If you are holding on to a STP, you will be directed to this page. (For Current Students)For IPA holders, please see #5B.

Please fill in the traveller’s FIN number, FIN expiry date and date of birth.

#5B – If you are holding on to a IPA, you will be directed to this page. (For Students under STP Renewal and New Students)

Please fill in the traveller’s In-Principle Application number and details per the Passport – name, nationality/citizenship and date of birth.

You will find your IPA Application Number in the IPA letter:

#5C – Select the Immigration Pass Type of Accompanying Guardian/Family Member. (If any)

#6 – Select the country/region that the traveler(s) would be departing from.

#7 – Please indicate the number of additional countries/regions, and state the countries/regions you will be transiting from.

#8 – Select the travelers’ intended period of entry. You will be prompted to select a different period if the dates are not available.

Please note that once the application is approved, changes in the period of entry will not be allowed. If the travellers’ period of entry changes, a fresh application will be required. Payments are also non-refundable.

#9 – This option is available for travellers from countries/ regions where opting out of the SHN dedicated facilities (SDF) is allowed.

If you are unsure the country of departure you are in requires you to serve a SHN or not, please refer to the PDF attachment in point A.

#10 – Fill in the respective details

Please fill in the traveler’s full name per the passport

For Travel Document Number, please enter the Passport number.

#11 – Click on the drop-down arrow to verify details before clicking NEXT.

If you wish to make changes, click on the Modify button under the drop-down screen.

#12 – Please check on the box at the bottom after you have read and agreed on the statement of consent and declaration, and then click Submit to proceed to next page on Confirmation.

#13 – Please check and ensure the particulars of travelers are correct before making a payment.

If there are errors, do not proceed to make payment. Please resubmit a new application with the correct particulars.

*the picture below is for reference only

#14 – Please fill in email and card details for payment.

Should you face difficulties, please contact the Safe Travel hotline at 6812 5555.

#15 – An application confirmation screen will be shown if the application is successful.

Please print/save a copy of this page for your own records.

Please check that you receive the Approval Letter for Entry in your email.


Students on SHN are not allowed to leave their place of residence during the SHN period (depending on your country of residence), starting from the day of return. The period of SHN will be stated clearly in the Pre-Arrival Notification Form. NON-COMPLIANCE WITH THE SHN MAY RESULT IN DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS AND CAN LEAD TO THE CANCELLATION OF STUDENT PASS.


For the latest advisory, please refer to Ministry Of Health’s website.