Singapore Raffles Music College.

The vision of Singapore Raffles Music College is to be the leading career-focused arts college in Asia. Our goal is to nurture students for their careers after graduation by providing industry-relevant skillsets and quality higher education for the arts. In order to achieve this, SRMC implements an eco-system of holistic learning support framework to guide staff and students towards the desired learning outcomes.

There are several policies and procedures in place to ensure that students are provided with the academic and general support they need to allow them to maximise their learning experience. The holistic learning support framework helps to ensure that students and staff are clear on what is available that delivers this support.


Student Welfare

SRMC ensures that our students get the support they need for their mental and physical well-being. Our close-knit culture provides a conducive and welcoming learning environment for all students, never forgetting those who are far from home.

Our Student Services Team has been set up to ensure a harmonious student community. Students will be given maximum guidance in their academic pursuit. Our staff is also equipped to handle and respond to local healthcare issues whenever necessary. We share the same goal with parents – to guide our students in growing into all-rounded individuals, with positive attitudes and inquiring minds.



SRMC has a range of counselling services available to address student needs at every stage of their college education.

Counselling, Student Care, and Pastoral Services

SRMC’s Counselling Service assists students to maintain their academic and personal well-being with the following services:

  • Provide information, intervention, referral services on psychological, educational, and emotional issues,
  • Provide pastoral counselling to students, conducted by external qualified professional.


Poor Attendance

Our Head of Student Services and the Academic Department work closely to counsel students with poor attendance rates. Every month, warning letters are issued to students who do not meet the minimum attendance requirements.

The Student Services Manager will then counsel students on a one-to-one basis and help identify potential reasons for their frequent absence from classes. If this is due to difficulty with coping with their studies, the Academic Department will be roped in to assist and monitor their progress. Should the problem persist or if the student is unable to cope, the latter will be referred to the Counsellor.


Medical Coverage

SRMC has in place a Medical Insurance, under which all its students (except those specifically allowed to opt out under EduTrust Certification guidelines) will be insured by Group Hospital & Surgical Insurance, provided by Liberty Insurance.

This Medical Insurance Scheme minimally provides for an annual coverage limit of not less than S$20,000 per student, at least B2 ward in Government or Restructured Hospitals and 24-hour coverage in Singapore and overseas (if student is involved in school-related activities) throughout the course duration. Students are encouraged to seek advice on whether more comprehensive insurance cover is required or desired.

The S$20,000 Annual Medical Insurance Coverage will only commence after the Student has signed the Standard PEI-Student Contract and has paid the course fees. For subsequent year(s) of study, the Student must pay the Medical Insurance Premium for continuous Medical Insurance Coverage.

Singapore Citizens, Singapore Permanent Residents and International Students without Student Passes, who are already covered by their own medical insurance plan (annual limit of not less than S$20,000), may be exempted from the plan provided by Singapore Raffles Music College. Those undertaking full-time courses must produce their Medical Insurance Policy for verification, should they want to opt out. The Student must opt out by declaring in the Standard PEI-Student Contract accordingly.

Additional Information
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Student Support Services

For all new students

The College will provide the following services to ensure that students make a smooth transition to Singapore: –

  1. Individual and personalized long-distance calls to parents / agents to inform them on arrival arrangements
  2. Accommodation Support Service
  3. Arrangement for Medical Screening
  4. Arrangement for Bank Account Opening
  5. Visa / Student Pass Application
  6. Student Orientation Programme


For all Current & Enrolled Students

The College aims to provide all students with an academic education of the highest standards through the provision of these services:

  1. Certified Counsellor
  2. Students’ Outings and Activities
  3. Educational Tours
  4. Library Access for References
  5. Personalize updates to parents on admission matters / students’ progress which includes:
    • Informing parents on student admission matters / services, including airport pick up, accommodation, etc.
    • Informing parents on student issues, including attendance rate, behavior, academic performance, etc.
  6. Student Progress Reports
  7. Principal – Student dialogue sessions
  8. Student Union
  9. Mentorship Programme


Service Quality Targets

As a CPE-registered, EduTrust-certified education provider, SRMC commits to provide accessible high-quality education that nurtures our students to achieve their personal and professional best. With our student care and support, we will guide you to achieve your education goals and a well-balanced lifestyle.

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