Chinese Orchestra Faculty

Chinese Orchestra Faculty

Pipa, Guzheng, Erhu, and Ruan are just some of the principal study majors that SRMC’s Chinese Orchestra Faculty offers. Our team comprises successful musicians from various prestigious institutes, such as China’s Central Conservatory of Music and Tianjin Music Conservatory. We are dedicated to nurturing the next generation of talents to become stellar professionals in the field.

Mr Zhu Lin

Chinese Orchestra Head of Department, Principal Study Erhu Lecturer

Bachelor of Arts, Central Conservatory of Music, China

Zhu Lin started studying erhu at the age of five under Xu Bu Gao of the Nanjing School of Performing Arts. In 1981, he gained entry into the affiliated school of Beijing China Conservatory of Music where he studied under renowned musicians like Li Da Zhong, Nie Jing Yu and Liu Chang Fu. Subsequently, Zhu Lin furthered his studies at the China Conservatory of Music with An Ru Li and studied Cantonese music with Liu Ming Yuan.

In 1990, Zhu Lin held his debut solo performance at the Beijing Concert Hall, broadcasted over the China Central Television network. In 1991, he joined the China Central Chinese Orchestra and served as the Orchestra’s Deputy Concertmaster. Zhu Lin went on to receive top honours at the National Competition and International Competition in 1993 and 1995 respectively. In 1997, Zhu Lin joined the Singapore Chinese Orchestra and currently serves as an Erhu II Principal.

He has released many solo recordings and has also given premiere performances of many erhu pieces. He has also been invited to give talks at the National Taiwan University of Arts, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, China Conservatory of Music.

Ms Wang Jiying

Principal Study Pipa Senior Lecturer

Bachelor of Arts, Central Conservatory of Music, China

Eva Wang is an Arts Instructor for City Chinese Orchestra, and has performed in several countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Beijing and Taiwan. In 2007, she performed as a Pipa soloist for “Butterfly Lovers Concerto” at Singapore Conference Hall, in collaboration with the Singapore Armed Forces Music & Drama Company. She has also joined the acclaimed performance of “2008 Night of Chinese Rhapsody – the First Erhu Concerto” in Penang.

Her 2014 lecture, “Appreciation on Music of Pipa”, held by Singapore Musician Association, was well-received. Awarded ‘Prominent Teacher’, she gives her students opportunities for competitions, such as the International Chinese Arts Festival, International Youth Arts Festival-Instrumental Competition, Dun Huang Cup-Pipa Competition, and Youth Music Cup-2nd Hong Kong Youth Pipa Competition).

Mr Wei Yanming

Principal Study Yangqin Lecturer, Chinese Orchestra Conductor

Bachelor of Music, Tianjin Conservatory of Music, China
Diploma in Music, Tianjin Arts College, China

Wei Yan Ming was formerly an Associate Professor of the string instrument teaching division at the Tianjin Conservatory of Music. He is a Visiting Professor at Tianjin Conservatory of Music and Tianjin Normal University, as well as the chairman of Singapore Society of Yangqin. He is also the Art Director for Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) City Chinese Orchestra.

Aside from coaching music professionals and serving as adjudicator in various music competitions, he has conducted for various orchestras, including that of the National University of Singapore.

Ms Tay Yvonne

Principal Study Guzheng Lecturer

Bachelor of Music (Honours), Major in Guzheng, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
National Arts Council Arts Scholarship (Undergraduate) 2015

Yvonne Tay is a highly active and sought-after Guzheng performer in the scene. She has performed in many countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Germany, United Kingdom, etc.

Her accolades include 1st Prize at the 1st China-Japan-Korea International Guzheng Competition held in Korea in 2012 and the Silver Award at the 2nd International Zheng Competition held in Hong Kong in 2011. Locally, at the National Chinese Music Competition organized by the National Arts Council, she has clinched the 1st prize in all Guzheng categories – Open (2010), Youth (2006) and Junior (2004). She was also the Grand Prize Winner of NAFA-RAVE Chinese Music Concerto Competition in 2016.

Upon joining Ding Yi Music Company in 2011, Yvonne staged a sold-out joint soloist recital, Proteges of Brilliance in June 2013. Demonstrating her versatile performing abilities, Yvonne showcased a traditional concerto piece as well as a challenging contemporary work, premiering renowned composer, Wang Jian Ming’s “Song of Elegance” in Singapore. She has also shared the stage with Guzheng luminaries Maestro Wang Zhong Shan and Professor Zhou Wang, in a trio. She has also been teaching the Guzheng ensemble in the School of the Arts Music Camp held annually.

Co-founder of the Z3nith Ensemble, a trio comprising of Guzheng graduates from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Yvonne is currently the Guzheng musician of Ding Yi Music Company and was previously a member in Singapore Youth Chinese Orchestra. She has also been invited numerous times as a guest musician with the Singapore Chinese Orchestra.

Ms Huang Gui Fang

Principal Study Sanxian Lecturer

Bachelor in Music (Plucked String Music), China Conservatory of Music

Born in Shanghai, Huang Gui Fang entered the affiliated high school of the Central Conservatory of Music at the age of 13, when she started her full time professional learning of the sanxian. Two years later, she transferred to the affiliated high school of the China Conservatory of Music, receiving tutelage from renowned sanxian musician, educator and reformist, Xiao Jian Sheng. She also received directions from Tan Long Jian and Zhang Nian Bing during her days as a student. In 1986, Huang Gui Fang graduated from the conservatory with outstanding results, and stayed in the affiliated high school to teach. One year later, she joined the experimental orchestra of the conservatory.

Huang Gui Fang was a member of the Musicians’ Association of China, and joined the Singapore Chinese Orchestra as a sanxian and ruan performer in 1997. Between 1982 and 1996, Huang Gui Fang had represented Chinese artists in her visits to more than ten countries, including Canada, United States of America, Japan, France, the Philippines and Germany, where she participated in exchange and publicising activities and received high acclaims.

She has dubbed a large quantity of sanxian solo, ensemble and concerto music for the China Central Broadcasting Station, China Central Television and Music Channel. These include Eighteen Stanzas on the Barbarian Reed Pipe, Autumn Night, Tune of the Plum, Fantasy of the Dance, Eighteen Stanzas, Lady Liuqing, Low Moon by the Green River Bank, Shadows of the Propitious Crane etc. Huang Gui Fang has successfully launched debut performances of many works for the sanxian, including Fantasy of the Dance (Xu Xiaolin), Untitled (Zhang Qian Yi), Su Xiao Xiao (Yang Qing), Eighteen Stanzas on the Barbarian Reed Pipe (Li Heng) and the King of Single Stroke (Cui Quan).

She won the First Grade Prize in the First National Ethnic Music Performing Competition in 1983, and First Prize in the China International Ethnic Music Grand Competition in 1995.

Ms Zhang Li

Principal Study Liu Qin Lecturer

Bachelor’s Degree, major in Liuqin, Shanghai Conservatory of Music

Zhang Li graduated from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music with a Bachelor’s degree, majoring in liuqin, with minor study in zhongruan and pipa. Due to her outstanding grades, she was the recipient of scholarships from the Conservatory every year. After graduation, Zhang Li joined the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra as a liuqin and zhongruan musician, performing in many major concerts as a soloist, ensemble musician and accompanist, and embarking on multiple international performance tours with the orchestra.

She was the second prize winner in the Liuqin (Professional) Category of the International Chinese Instrumental Competition and her debut zhongruan solo performance won the Outstanding Performance Award at the Shanghai Spring International Music Festival. Zhang Li was also appointed by the Shanghai Conservatory of Music as a member of its examination committee, serving as part of the jury for liuqin examinations for many years, and has performed in many soundtracks recordings for television and film.

Zhang Li has been a liuqin and zhongruan musician with Singapore Chinese Orchestra since 2005. She has also coached the plucked strings section of the Chinese orchestras in numerous schools such as Raffles Institution, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School, Kong Hwa School and Nanyang Primary School, as well as serving as the liuqin instructor at several music camps organised by the Ministry of Education.

Ms Zhao Xiao Xia

Principal Study Guqin Associate Professor

Masters Degree, Major in Guqin, Central Conservatory of Music

Zhao Xiao Xia, a renowned Guqin performer, Associate Professor of the Guqin department in Central Conservatory of Music, Visiting Scholar of Royal Danish Academy of Music, Deputy Secretary of International Guqin Music Society, Associate Professor of Guqin principal study in Singapore Raffles Music College, Visiting Researcher of Guqin culture in Wuhan University, Dean of ZiXia Music School, and a BOB Outstanding Lecturer in Central Conservatory of Music.

Starting Guqin at the age of nine, Zhao Xiao Xia entered the affiliated high school of the Central Conservatory of Music in 1996, receiving tutelage from renowned Guqin performer, Professor Li Xiang Ting. In 2009, Zhao Xiao Xia graduated with a Master’s Degree from the conservatory and stayed in school to teach. She went to the Royal Danish Academy of Music in 2013 as a visiting scholar, and is the first Guqin lecturer in Confucius Music Academy; launching a series of Guqin seminars, concerts, and workshops in Europe.

From 2011 onwards, Zhao Xiao Xia also participated in the renowned compositor, Tan Dun’s “Martial Arts Trilogy” world tour. Other than traditional platforms, her works are also known in Guqin concerto, and modern chamber music, pioneering a crossover in the Arts. She is one of the few Guqin performers to have the most performances in and outside of China.

Zhao Xiao Xia’s elegant image, exceptional charisma, and musical talent has resulted in her being crowned a world-class Guqin musician.

Mr Chew Jun Ru

Principal Study Er Hu Lecturer

M.A. in Fine Arts, China Conservatory of Music (Beijing) 2016
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Music, Royal College of Music (London) / Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Singapore) 2012

Chew Jun Ru is an award-winning Singaporean Erhu player who made history by becoming the first Chinese instrumentalist to graduate with a bachelor’s degree from the prestigious Royal College of Music, London in the college’s 130-year history.

During the same year, Jun Ru was nominated by Prestige Magazine as Singapore’s Top 40 Under 40 alongside famous singer JJ Lin and Olympic gold medalist Joseph Schooling. He was also the first Erhu musician to be featured in the world-renowned strings magazine “TheStrad”. After becoming the first Singaporean to receive the Chinese Government Scholarship, Jun Ru pursued his post-graduate studies in the China Conservatory of Music, Beijing. He returned to Singapore with a keen passion for music education, he has committed himself to contribute to the Chinese music scene in Singapore.

Tan Yong Yaw

Professional Yangqin Performer and Teacher, World Yangqin Association Member

Master of Performing Arts, China Conservatory of Music
Advanced Diploma in Music (Valedictorian), Singapore Raffles Music College

Professional Achievements
Awarded Gold for Yangqin Category (Open), Singapore National Chinese Orchestra Competition 2010
Performed in various regions in China as part of Diemeng Feizhan Yangqin Art Troupe
Represented Malaysia in 13th World Yangqin Conference in the UK

Ren Meng Qian

Founder of Zhejiang Anji Miaowenfang Art and Culture Training Centre

BMus (Hons) Music Performance – Level 6, University of West London

Professional Achievements
Awarded Gold, Singapore International Chinese Folk Instrument Competition 2016
Awarded Silver, Hong Kong Youth Cup Pipa Competition 2015
Awarded Gold, Malaysia International Music Competition 2012
Awarded Gold, Hong Kong International Chinese Folk Instrument Competition 2011

Chen Ying Yi

Xiamen and Ruyi String Orchestra Instructor

BMus (Hons) Music Performance – Level 6, University of West London

Professional Achievements
Pipa, Liuqin, and Ruan Instructor at Ruyi String Orchestra and Xiamen City (Siming District) Youth Orchestra
Member of Singapore Hsinghai Chinese Orchestra
Performed all over the world, in countries including China, Singapore, France, Germany, Malaysia, and Taiwan

Zheng Xiang Lu

Wenzhou Junya Music School Vice-Principal

Advanced Diploma in Music, Singapore Raffles Music College

Professional Achievements
Former Guzheng Principal of Singapore Hsinghai Chinese Orchestra in 2008
Won ‘Outstanding Instructor Award’ at International Guzheng Competition (Huadong) 2015 and 2016
Joined China’s Musicians Association in 2017
Led Wenzhou Nanpu Experimental Middle School to win First Prize at Wenzhou City Students Arts Festival 2017

Guo Xiao Yu

Zhong Ruan Performer and Teacher

Advanced Diploma in Music, Singapore Raffles Music College

Professional Achievements

Second Place, Singapore National Chinese Orchestra Competition (Zhongruan Open) 2014
Third Place, Singapore National Chinese Music Competition (Zhongruan Open) 2012
Gold Award, China Youth Arts Talent (Liaoning Region) 2011
Gold Award, Malaysia 21st Century International Arts Festival 2010

Ms Zhang Rong Hui

Ruan Principal, Singapore Chinese Orchestra
8 June 2016

Zhang Rong Hui is the Ruan Principal of SCO, an honorary member of China Nationalities Orchestra Society Professional Ruan Committee, artistic director of Singapore Ruan Xian Chamber Ensemble, a member of Musicians’ Association of Singapore, mentor for Department of Music of The Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore Youth Chinese Orchestra, and the NUS Chinese Orchestra.

Since young, she studied guzheng under the tutelage of master Gao Zhi Cheng. In 1985, she was admitted into the China Xi’an Conservatory of Music Affiliated High School, followed Ning Yong to major in ruan and minor in piano, given an award by the academy. In 1991, she entered the China Conservatory Instrumental Department with outstanding academic result, and under the tutelage of Miao Xiao Yun, Zhang Xin Hua in learning ruan and liuqin.

Zhang Rong Hui graduated with a China Conservatory Bachelor’s degree in 1995. During this period, she was invited by CCTV to record her first solo ruan music video, Praise of Water. She also followed master Liu De Hai to represent the China Conservatory of Music. Her performance at the Hong Kong Culture and Art Festival earned her an award.

After graduation, Zhang Rong Hui formed Ladies’s Quintet while she was with China Song and Dance Ensemble,. She was awarded First Prize in ruan section during a Professional Technical Assessment, conducted by the China’s Ministry of Culture. She was also invited to teach in the China Conservatory of Music Affiliated High School. Since 1997, she has performed with SCO in countries such as Japan, Beijing, United Kingdom, France, Hungary, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Ms Wang Jing

Erhu Performer, and GIMA Band's Morin khuur Player
28 October 2015

Wang Jing is a committee member of the Singapore Musicians Society, a member of the Chinese Nationalities Orchestra Society, and the orchestra leader of Singapore’s Liyuan Ladies Chinese Ensemble. Her performance style is sincere, her interpretations refined, her technique excellent, and she has a solid foundation in traditional music.

She graduated from the Tianjin Conservatory of Music with outstanding grades and a first class scholarship. She has served as the orchestra leader in the Tianjin Youth Ethnic Orchestra, and was a soloist in many large-scale performances. She also took part in the recording of music albums. such as “Luo Shen”, and “Ethnic Music Classics”.

In 2004, she held her first solo huqin concert to great acclaim. She studied under the tutelage of renowned teachers like erhu master Wang Shuliang, Lin Cong, as well as performers and educators like Ju Wenyu, Zhang Zengliang for gaohu and banhu, which honed her expertise in numerous types of huqin. She also studied the “horsehead zither” (matouqin) under Qian Bai Yi La, as well as the Mongolian master of the matouqin and throat singing from Tuva, Batzorg Vaanchig.

As the Artistic Director of Chinese Orchestras for various primary and secondary schools, she has guided many orchestras to win both Gold and Gold with Honours Awards. Her students also achieved excellent results during exams. Achieving excellence in performing and teaching, she is frequently invited to take part in artistic exchanges in China and other countries.

Mr Duan Fei

Percussion Associate Principal, Singapore Chinese Orchestra
16 September 2015

Duan Fei started his music education at the age of eleven and studied trumpet with Ji Rui Kai at the Beijing Central Conservatory of Music. He started learning percussion from Wang Jian Hua at age 17. In the course of his studies, he was appointed the Percussion Sectional Leader in the Conservatory’s Youth Chinese Orchestra. Under the guidance of Wang Fu Jian, the orchestra recorded several renowned Chinese orchestral works, including Tan Dun’s Northwest Suite and Fire Ritual, Tang Jian Ping’s Earth Diety and Spring and Autumn, and Xu Chang Jun’s Dragon Dance.

In 2000, he won the First Prize in the Percussion Group Youth Category of the Dragon’s Cup Ethnic Instrumental Competition organised by the Conservatory. He graduated 3 years later with a Bachelor’s Degree in Percussion. Upon his graduation, Duan Fei was admitted into the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts and studied under Walter Veigl, Gerhard Windbacher, Kurt Prihoda and Anton Mittermayr. He completed Bachelor’s Degree in Percussion and went on to pursue his Master’s Degree in Percussion.

Duan Fei participated in the German Berlin International Percussion Festival in 2000, Holland Tirlburg Contemporary Music Festival in 2006 and the Berlin Orchestra Practice Week Concert at the Berlin Philharmonic Concert Hall in 2007. In 2008, he also participated in the Steyr Music Festival in Klagenfur, Austria and in 2009, he held his own solo concert as part of Schlaining Burg “Klang Fruehling” Music Festival in Austria.

Between 2005 to 2009, Duan Fei was appointed as the Timpani Principal of the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts’s Anton von Webern Symphony Orchestra. He was also appointed the 32nd Percussion Principal of the Germany Scandinavian Symphony Orchestra, Timpani Principal of the Vienna Beethoven Symphony Orchestra in 2008, and joined the Munich Youth Philharmonic Orchestra as a percussionist in 2009. He interned at Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in March 2010 and together with the orchestra, participated in the Vienna State Opera. In November 2010, Duan Fei joined the SCO and was appointed as the Percussion Associate Principal.